Parvathi Kumar

Fine Art Photography

Parvathi Kumar is a fine art photographer based in central New Jersey and exhibits her work locally and internationally.

She was was initiated by her mother as a teen in the art of manual film SLR photography and then was largely self-taught. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal, a Master's degree in Computer Science from NJIT in Newark, and has worked for ten years as a software engineer for IT firms in Denmark, CT and NJ. Throughout that time and over the last 30 years however, photography prevailed as a serious endeavor.

“Photography is a passion that I inherited from my mother at a young age. I’ve since taken it on my own path and it has become my creative outlet and offering. I hope to allow viewers to be transported to another time and place, find emotion or solace from an isolated moment in history, or interpret a timeless story of their own,” says Parvathi.

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