Parvathi Kumar

Fine Art Photography

I am a fine art photographer based in central New Jersey and I exhibit my work locally and internationally.

was initiated by my mother as a teen in the art of manual film SLR photography (on a Minolta x700) and then was largely self-taught. I earned degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and worked for ten years as a software engineer for IT firms in Denmark, CT and NJ. Throughout this time and over the last 30 years however, photography has prevailed as a serious endeavor, with my technical educational background feeding and shaping my work as well.

Photography is a passion I inherited from my mother at a young age. I’ve had the fortune of great mentors to teach and inspire me along the way. I've since taken the medium on my own path and it has become my creative outlet and offering. I hope to allow viewers to be transported to another time and place, find emotion or solace from an isolated moment in history, or interpret a timeless story of their own.

I also do portraiture, events and photo book design. Please contact me if you need coverage and documenting of events and milestones. 

All fine art images shown are for sale. Please contact me directly with any questions.

Thank you for visiting!

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