It's my Tenth Anniversary!!!!

It's been ten years as of July 2020 since I launched my lifelong photography passion into a formal registered business!

It's been an absolute honor to share my work with the world and to have been there for many friends, family members and clients in capturing their portraits, events and special milestones! I'm flattered beyond words to know that many of my fine art pieces are hanging in your homes, to know a part of me is with you! Thank you for all your support and kind appreciation over this last decade!

I am grateful to have had you as part of my photographic journey! 

For more details and a chance to take part in my giveaway,

please go to my Instagram page Giveaway post to see details on how to win one of my images! 

Or to sign up for my e-newsletter and enter the drawing that way, please click here!

Snow Geese Migration
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